Jamia Masjid Al-Aqsa, Wolverhampton

Masjid Notice for Jumu’ah (Friday) & Esha Prayers: 03DEC2020

There will be a single Jumu’ah (Friday) Salah with Khutbah starting 1 PM (13:00) and Esha Salah will be at 7:05 PM (19:05) throughout Winter.

  1. Mosque is only open for 5 times daily Fardh (obligatory) Prayers ONLY. Perform all prayers other then Fardh (obligatory) Prayers at home.
  2. All are required to use the Toilet facilities and perform their Wudhu (ablution) at home.
  3. All are required to wear face masks and bring prayer mats to the Mosque. 
  4. All are required to maintain Social distancing while on the Mosque premises (and not just in the Prayer area) at all times including during prayers.

(Qari) Ismael Surati

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