Jamia Masjid Al-Aqsa, Wolverhampton

Eid Notice & Salah Times

Contact the Masjid by phone (01902-312232) or visit our website on the evening of Tuesday 11th May 202 after Maghrib Salaat, to confirm EID-UL-FITR. The Eid Salah will be for men only and timings are as follows:

  1. 1st Jamaat at 07:00
  2. 2nd Jamaat at 10:00

Masjid Notice for Jumu’ah (Friday) and Parking Lot Donation Appeal: 29MAR2021

There will be a two Jumu’ah (Friday) Salahs with Khutbah starting 1:30 PM (13:30) for the first and Khutbah starting 2:30 PM (14:30) for the second.

Alhamdulilah, Through the grace of Allah SWT, the Masjid was granted permission to build a car park on the Land opposite.

This is a huge project and Insha’Allah through the Will of Allah SWT, your Du’aas, and generous donations we will achieve this much needed car park, the Account details are as follows:

Wolverhampton Mosque Trust HSBC
Sort code: 40 47 11
A/C No: 6183 6536

You can also donate using PayPal or by Credit or Debit Card:

General Instructions

  1. Mosque is only open for 5 times daily Fardh (obligatory) Prayers ONLY. Perform all prayers other then Fardh (obligatory) Prayers at home.
  2. All are required to use the Toilet facilities and perform their Wudhu (ablution) at home.
  3. All are required to wear face masks and bring prayer mats to the Mosque. 
  4. All are required to maintain Social distancing while on the Mosque premises (and not just in the Prayer area) at all times including during prayers.

(Qari) Ismael Surati

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